Lakes, Rivers and See

Beaches, the see side

Calanque de Cassis (50 min)

This naturally magical site contains nine calanques (rocky inlets). It is a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, and can be explored on foot or by boat from Marseille or Cassis. Fans of underwater diving will also be won over by the charm of its seascapes, which are just as breathtaking as the views on the land.

Bormes, La Londe, Lavandou (65 min)

The Bormes, Mimosas and Londe Les Maures beaches are among the most wild and natural in the Var region. Behind the beaches, there is a line of overhanging pine trees, and then some prestigious vineyards. Here you can dive into crystal-clear waters. At Lavandou, a whole host of water activities are on offer (sea excursions and trips, underwater diving).

Lake, River and Canoeing

Canoeing on the river Argens

Glide through the water. Board your canoe in the shade of luxuriant vegetation and discover the animals and plants of Green Provence. Ideal for fans of ducks and drakes. Between Chateauvert and Carcès, paddle down the Argens, the only river in the Var department (116 km long).

Verdon Gorges

At the edge of Green Provence, you can sail down the crystal-clear waters of the lower Verdon Gorges, between the lakes of Esparron and Quinson. This is a wonderful journey, where you can discover unspoilt and preserved nature along a 15-kilometre waterway surrounded by steep cliffs.

Fishing in Lake Carces

Lake Carcès is a favourite spot for fishermen. It is also an ideal place for walks with your family and a starting point for hikes around the lake towards the Caramy falls.

Lake Montmeyan

Lake Quinson, near Montmeyan, is the ideal place for water activities such as canoeing, pedal boating and electric boating. You can also make the most of the fresh water to enjoy a refreshing swim.


Hiking in Green Provence is more than just an activity, but a real way of life that is popular above all outside the summer season. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it is indeed easier to set off into the mountains of Sainte Baume, Sainte Victoire, Bessillons and Verdon outside the periods of very hot weather. And what about food and accommodation? Rest assured, here the villages will give you a warm welcome all the year round.