Market, typicall village and historical site

Provencal market

First of all, make sure you take your basket. Breathe in the aromas of thyme, garrigue and the bouquets of lavender, and stroll through the markets of Green Provence (Brignoles, Saint Maximin, Cotignac, Garéoult, etc.). Find some real local specialities, from goats’ cheese to crushed olives, and not forgetting the morning’s fresh vegetables…


Fountains and washing places

The many watering places were once the scene of an intense social life, and still today provide some welcome notes of freshness. The mossy fountains of Barjols are among the most impressive.


Basilic of Saint-Maximin (with the relics oif Saint Marie-Magdalene)

Up to date, La Sainte Baume annually attracts more than a thousand pilgrims ascending on foot to the Cave. The relics can also be venerated outside the cave to support the piety and fervor of the faithful.

The Sainte Marie Madeleine church is Gothic style basilica consecrated to Mary Magdalene. Its construction began in 1295 and the crypt was completed in 1316. The building was commissioned by Charles II of Anjou, Count of Provence. The basilica was then built in stages up until 1532. When the work was completed without really completing the construction. The basilica is the largest Gothic structure in southeastern